JP’s First Annual Energy Fair!!

WHEN:  SATURDAY, MARCH 5th, 2011 /  10am-1pm (Registration between 10-11 am)

WHERE:  BELLA LUNA RESTUARANT (at the Brewery Complex) @ 284 Amory Street, JP (02130)

WHY:  To localize the green campaign by bringing homeowners, green energy specialists and local green practicing businesses together to market, motivate and share.

WHO:  Prudential Unlimited in conjunction w/ Living Structures and with the support of Cool JP, Boston Building Materials Coop, and lovingly nourished and sheltered by our host, Bella Luna Restaurant.


A wise frog once said, “It’s not easy being green”.  Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you don’t need me to tell you that increasing energy costs and our planet’s climate concerns are on a collision course.   For years it was ‘nice’ being green, but

now, more than ever, it’s becoming essential. As for homeowners, the cost often outweighs

photo by BJ Ray

Springtime in the Arnold Arboretum

the benefit for green living allowing only the most privileged among us to make environmentally friendly improvements.

Things are changing, and fast.

Unfortunately, since many green organizations aren’t profit-driven and are comparably underfunded, we’re not seeing major network advertisements, magazine spreads or web banners to even know that these exist.

Most homeowners don’t have the time to navigate through endless streams of data available to suss out which programs, which rebates, which benefits make sense for them.

And then there’s Jamaica Plain.  Perhaps one of the most progressive communities in Boston and home to some meaningful and impacting grass roots organizations, JP seems like the ideal place for homeowners and green companies to converge to share ideas.   Kind of like a local farmer’s market for ideas and services.  It is in this spirit that we, the Green Team at Prudential Unlimited in conjunction with Living Structures have organized the JP Home Energy Fair.

Among the Home Energy Fair’s highlights:

Home Energy Throwdown – Show up at 10 am and register your home’s energy usage for all of 2010.  Bring water, electric, oil and gas bills.  Prizes awarded for lowest carbon footprints include 4 free 2 hour consultation sessions with Living Structures and gift certificates from Boston Building Materials Co-op, $250 in gift certificates from Whole Foods and City Feed and Supply.  Certified Home Energy Analyst, Stacey Cordeiro will crunch your numbers and provide a HERS rating.  But wait!  There’s more.  Next year, prizes will be given to those folks who actually reduced their HERS rating.  It’s like the Biggest Loser meets This Old House.  How much fun is that??

After all the contest participants have had a chance to “weigh in”, we’ve got some local experts will weigh in themselves on the costs/benefits of DER (Deep Energy Retrofitting), how these updates can add value, and what exactly comprises your carbon footprint–and how much control you have.   That’s from 11 to 12 pm.

Then snacks are served.   The very good people at Bella Luna Restaurant have offered a complementary pizza buffet too!

There will be at least 12-14 tables set up where Fair attendees can ask the experts.  Most notably, folks like Irina Rasputnis of NEEP will be on hand to offer advice on navigating the jungle of rebate and incentive programs available to the homeowner.  BBMC reps will talk about material choices for kitchens and baths.  Dave Legg from National Grid will be on hand to discuss DER incentives.  Cool JP will present their block-by-block “Carbon Diet” program.  Even if you’re just green-curious and not yet green-serious, this will be a great introduction to the possibilities.

Oh, and we understand that this is Saturday morning and many of you have little ones to shepherd and entertain.  Well for those little ones we’ve got an “Energy Scavenger Hunt”

Something for the kids as well!

for kids.  Kids will have a Q&A form that they’ll need to find the right expert and get their questions answered.  The good people at Boing! Toy Store were kind enough to donate a giant bag of little toy giveaways for the participants.

You don’t have to be a resident (or a homeowner at all) of Jamaica Plain to come and enjoy the benefits.    We’re just planting seeds here so that for years to come, local green businesses, government organizations will have a forum to share ideas, promote themselves and ultimately…make the world a better place.

A better planet begins with a GREENER community.

We’d like to thank our sponsors:

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